The companies in the AnVa Group are businesses that, for a long time, have supported world-wide, demanding industry customers.

Us four owners of AnVa Industries came together during the spring of 2013 and decided to combine our different backgrounds and experiences with the aim of creating an efficient and well-managed Group focused on supporting large manufacturing industries.

Relatively quickly we carried out these acquisitions:

November 2013:

Nolato Sunne AB – a succesful supplier of industrial rubber products to some of the most admired companies world-wide. We named the company AnVa Polytech.

December 2013:

Tuna Stålrör AB in Eskilstuna, that combines a whole-sale function of steel tubes and rods with machining for the best of the national exporting companies. We changed the name to AnVa Tubes & Components.

March 2014:

HT-Svarv AB in Kalix, a company highly automated in administrative- as well as in production technological processes and primarily work with large and meduim-large volumes. Also this company supports succesful, large global companies. We chose the name AnVa Components.

December 2016:

AnVa Tubes & Components acquires  a group of companies from Binar. The acquisitoin contains five companies: Arion Sweden, KSG Verkstad, Titech Systems, Rostfritt & Smide and Binar Protect (Tyskland).

With these companies the AnVa-group widens its operations to hold advanced sheet metal working (laser cutting, welding, flanging) as well as products within the construction industry (FS-skopan), machine-/robotprotection with related equipment, shop interior equipment etc.

Besides striving for continuous development and growth within our portfolio of companies, we also intend to further expand by acquisitions – in order to continue supporting the demanding industries – in Sweden and globally.